Under the direction of the Lead Waitress or the Lead Porter, Porters pick up discarded food and beverage containers, empty trash receptacles, sweep floor areas, and generally assist in maintaining a clean and orderly appearance in all public areas. Specific duties include:
• Clean gaming tables, floor stands, floor areas, and other surfaces in Cardroom, Bar, and Dining areas under crowded conditions without disrupting customers.
• Lift, transport, and dump trash receptacles on a timely basis using compactor properly and safely.
• Courteous and effective communication with customers and cooperativeness with supervisor and peers.
• Clean up spills and other messes. Give first priority to any conditions that could be hazardous to customers or employees.
• Inspect restrooms every 15 minutes. Pick up floor areas and tidy up sinks in restrooms.
• Transport ice from basement area to wait stations.

Lift and carry items weighing 20-30 lbs. over distances between public areas.
• Report to appropriate personnel any individual in the facility who appears to be under twenty-one, whose conduct is illegal or poses a threat to employees or customers, or whose activities could jeopardize Artichoke Joe’s license to operate as a legal gaming establishment.
• Report any hazardous conditions.
• Porters must wear dark slacks/trousers with the current uniform shirt/smock which is provided by Artichoke Joe’s.
• Proper footwear is required for conditions that include extended walking/standing and working in wet areas.
• Ability to perform light physical tasks, lifting and carrying up to 30 lbs
• Ability to perform such activities as grasping, lifting, reaching, crouching, pushing, pulling, walking and standing, repetitively and for long periods of time.
• Notify Supervisor a minimum of four (4) hours before a scheduled work shift if they are ill or not able to report for their scheduled shift.
• Maintain reliable attendance and punctuality. Work overtime as needed.
• Read and follow all requirements and policies in the Job Description and Artichoke Joe’s Personnel Policy

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